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The Mediterranean sea welcomes you for a cruise to the origins of our civilization, in a natural setting of sparkling beauty.

Meeting point of three continents and countless peoples, the Eastern Mediterranean has been one of the most important historical crossroads of humanity. The Hellenistic civilization developed between its shores, from which Western culture was born. Its islands and inlets have been the scene of crucial events, but also the ideal setting for the birth of myths and legends.

Where to begin? To visit everything, our cruise could last for years, like the journey of Ulysses. To learn about the interweaving of history and legend that characterizes the Eastern Mediterranean, and together appreciate the incomparable beauty of the landscape, we have chosen an itinerary with these cities:

Trieste, Split, Kotor, Katakolon/Olimipia, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Bari.

TRIESTE 11.11.23 17:00

D 17:00 A 9.00 18.11.23

Lying at the foot of the karst plateau, where the two peninsulas embrace the upper Adriatic drawing a large secluded gulf, Trieste is a natural port among the most important in the Mediterranean. Its particular geographical location, which has made it the theater of important historical events, makes it today a tourist destination of inexhaustible charm. Between splendors of the landscape and traces of an imperial past, the visit of Trieste is a tour of historical and architectural wonders. A stone’s throw from the port, after passing the Grand Canal built by the nearby Venetians, you are welcomed by Piazza Unità d’Italia: here you can admire the ancient Habsburg heart of the city and enjoy a glass of Prosecco. And if you love trekking and photography, you can take a walk on the Rilke Path overlooking the sea and the “Napoleonic road”, with a view of the gulf from the edge of the karst plateau.

Not to be missed:

  • Miramare Castle and San Giusto Cathedral
  • Postojna Caves
  • Ljubljana European Green Capital
2023/11/11 17:00:00

SPLIT (CROATIA) 12.11.23

A 10:00 D 19:00

Part of the Republic of Venice for more than three centuries, the port of Split opened the city to Italian influences, although it was the Roman emperor Diocletian who left an indelible mark on it. The port of Split is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, but also one of the oldest in the whole Adriatic: it has passed the threshold of 1700 years and is surrounded by an exceptional historical heritage. With a trip to Split you will discover the beautiful palace that he built in the third century, coming to occupy an area of over thirty thousand square meters. Diocletian’s palace, a World Heritage Site, makes the Croatian city an open-air museum, where you can walk freely through the streets of the original nucleus. The gates to the current historic center were also part of the building, among which the beautiful Porta Aurea stands out. During your trip to Split do not miss the Cathedral of St. Domnius, whose foundations belong to the mausoleum of the emperor. To take home as a souvenir of your cruise to Split a breathtaking view of the port and the old town, take an excursion to Marjan Park, a green oasis between viewpoints, beaches and pine forests.

Not to be missed during your holiday in Split:

  • Discovering Salona and Trogir
  • The natural beauties of Omis and Split
  • Krka National Park


A 8:00 D 13:00

Discover the beauties of Montenegro, a country rich in historical and natural beauties. With three hundred kilometers of coastline, it is the perfect choice for those who want to take a holiday relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea. A cruise in Montenegro passes through the Croatian border, geographically marked by the majestic Bay of Kotor. Arriving by cruise ship at the port of Kotor, Montenegrin name for Kotor, following the slopes of these ‘southern fjords’ you arrive at the Lovčen National Park. Considered by Montenegrins almost a sacred mountain for the mausoleum of Bishop Prince Njegoš, Mount Lovčen offers spectacular views of all the coves. During a cruise to Kotor you will be able to realize the influence of the Serenissima on the structure and face of the city. In the heart of the historic center, still protected by the ancient walls and recognized as a World Heritage Site, you will walk through squares and Romanesque churches. The Cathedral of San Trifone, rebuilt in the seventeenth century after a violent earthquake, is definitely worth a stop on your trip to Kotor, as well as the Doge’s Palace, the clock tower, once a place of torture, Palazzo Pima and the picturesque Piazza d’Armi.

Not to be missed during your trip to Kotor:

• The Romanesque Cathedral of St. Tryphon
• The fortress of Kotor
• Ostrog Monastery



A 12:00 D 18:00

During the stop in Katakolon, treat yourself to a visit to the port located on the bay of Agios Andreas which, despite having undergone several changes, has managed to maintain its historical soul. Take the opportunity to reach the archaeological site of Olympia, one of the most important in Greece, which hosted the first Panhellenic Olympic Games. Katakolon is a small and not very touristy city: have fun discovering the habits of its inhabitants, walking through the flowery streets and sitting at the table of one of the many cafes.

Not to be missed:

  • The archaeological sites of Olympia
  • Typical festival in a Greek farm
  • Visit of the streets of today’s Olympia

CORFU (GREECE) 15.11.23

A 08:00 D 18:00

Treat yourself to a trip to Corfu and you will experience the unforgettable thrill of a cruise to one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Corfu Town owes much of its charm to the wonderful Old Town, an old quarter made up of narrow and cobbled alleys, with cafes and artisan shops. A labyrinth in which to get lost and where every glimpse will remain an indelible memory of your cruise to Corfu. From the old town, mirror of the Venetian architectural influence best represented by the Campiello district, the sixteenth-century fortress that stands on a spur of rock overlooking the sea is worth an excursion. At the foot of the historic center is the beautiful Spianada, once a Venetian parade ground, today the green square of the city overlooked by the Museum of Asian Art. On a Mediterranean cruise you will arrive at the port of Corfu, the Neo Limani, is just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre, which is then within walking distance of the quay. The entrance to the city is located at the foot of the new fort. At this point, the stop in Corfu allows you to wander through the typical narrow streets full of tourist shops. Complete the visit of the island a total immersion in lush nature: olive trees, orange trees, cypresses and cultural events in the heart of the fortified city are the norm!

Not to be missed in your holiday in Corfu:

  • The magnificent caves of Paleokastritsa
  • The home of Sissi the Empress of Austria
  • The pebble beach of Barbati

DUBROVNIK 16.11.23

A 09:00 D 20:00

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the city is famous for the city walls, built several times from the ancient centuries to the present day, which surround it, together with the port. Its historic center, a Unesco World Heritage Site, radiates charm at every corner: the pearl of the Adriatic, as Lord Byron called it.

Dubrovnik is located in southern Croatia, on the Dalmatian coast, and is protected from the bora and sirocco winds. This means that its climate is pleasant, even in the summer months. Its sea is among the cleanest and bluest in the world and, breathing deeply on the coast, one cannot help but smell the scent of the maritime pines, which surround the beaches and cool the hottest hours of the day. The beaches, among the most beautiful in the whole of Croatia, are uncrowded and perfect for romantic afternoons by the sea.

Not to be missed:

  • The historic center
  • The beaches of the coast
  • The walls

BARI 17.11.23

A 07:00 D 13:30

Visiting Bari during a cruise vacation means reaching the historical center for a journey through time. Bari is the wonderful capital of Puglia and is built around the port, the Borgo Antico, a medieval district characterized by narrow and winding streets. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean.

During your stop in Bari, get ready to visit this city, one of the first in Italy, rich in history and its surroundings, especially Matera, declared a UNESCO heritage site and designated European capital of culture 2019 “Bari Vecchia” is the ancient part of the city which, with its partly Norman and partly Swabian fortress, the Romanesque basilica of San Nicola which rises on the ruins of the Byzantine palace, the 12th century cathedral of San Sabino and a dozen churches of the same era, still retains the traces of the conquerors who have followed over the centuries.

Not to be missed on your holiday in Bari:

  • The basilica of San Nicola of Bari
  • Visit of the old town “Bari Vecchia”
  • The Cathedral of San Sabinus